Our Story

It all began one Saturday morning. I was juicing carrots and invited my son who was 9 years old to drink some of the carrot juice. He politely refused; a challenge that I would sometimes encounter while trying to feed him a healthy meal. Instead, my son asked for pancakes. Simultaneously, an idea popped into my head… just mix the carrot juice with the pancake mixture. Without hesitation, I did. I gave my son the carrot pancakes; he gobbled them up, then politely asked for more.  Thus, began the creation of our colorful pancakes! Our pancakes, which are fruit and vegetable-based mixtures offer a natural color, a natural, more intense flavorful taste, and a healthier, delicious alternative to a plain pancake. 


The journey to bring our fruit and vegetable-based pancake & waffle mixes to market has led to intensive research and discovery about our food choices. I developed my pancakes recipes from a basic homemade recipe and thanks to my enrollment in culinary school, I was able to tap the experience and knowledge of my culinary chefs.

Our Mission

As a blended person of Caribbean and South American heritage, I embrace culture and diversity. The importance of nutrition and healthy eating is highly promoted within Caribbean cuisine and the mixing of fruits, vegetables and herbs for flavor is always encouraged. Therefore, the expansion of Kickerfeast to produce more natural and exotic flavors is paramount.

Join me and let’s create together! Let’s sample together! Let’s enjoy the flavors of natural fruits and vegetables and elevate a simple pancake or waffle to a healthier, exotic, savory meal or snack.

We welcome you on this journey as your input will be essential to our growth.

We hope that you’ll find Kickerfeast’s pancake & waffle mixes a healthier option for your entire family.

Kickerfeast comes in four natural flavors

Carrot, Beet, Blueberry and Pumpkin.

Each product line is made with 100% fruit or 100% vegetable powder and reflects the natural color of the fruit or vegetable that it is made with. No preservatives are added!