Colorful, Flavorful, Nutritious
Pancake Mix

Made with 100% Vegetable or Fruit Powder
Kickerfeast - Pancake & Waffle 4 Pack
Kickerfeast - Pancake & Waffle 4 Pack
Kickerfeast - Pancake & Waffle 4 Pack
Kickerfeast - Pancake & Waffle 4 Pack
Kickerfeast - Pancake & Waffle 4 Pack
Kickerfeast - Pancake & Waffle 4 Pack
Kickerfeast - Pancake & Waffle 4 Pack
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The Kickerfeast 4 Pack is the perfect starter kit to begin your colorful journey. Our mix offers a healthier, delicious alternative to plain pancakes. This premium mix is made with simple, wholesome ingredients, giving you natural color and uncompromising flavor. 

Whether you want pancakes or waffles, our mix is simple to use: Just add water! Enjoy the flavors and colors of Blueberry, Beet, Carrot, and Pumpkin. Which do you think will be your favorite?

The 4-Pack Includes:

  • (1) Blueberry
  • (1) Beet
  • (1) Pumpkin
  • (1) Carrot

Add your favorite toppings and syrup. Enjoy!

For ingredients & nutritional information click here.

Customer Reviews

My favorite is the blueberry, I'd recommend to anyone who is fan of pancake/waffles etc, this is definitely going to have you coming back to order again.


To say "yummy," is putting it mildly. The ease of cooking coupled with the fulfilling blueberry flavor make Kicker Feast Blueberry a great choice for breakfast, lunch or snack.


The pancakes were good and moist didn't have to use syrup or add anything additional. Excited to try the other varieties.


I must say that the carrot mix is so flavorful. You can taste carrots in every bite. Prep is seamless, and I appreciate that so much!!


Very satisfied with the pumpkin mix! Both our pancakes & waffles were a perfect texture and delicious.


I wasn't sure if myself or my little one was going to like it because, well.... Its carrot flavored. But i was WRONG!!! The taste was good. It had the perfect taste of carrot but not an overwhelming flavor.


Our Flavors


Did someone ask for blueberry pancakes? Here you are…. a treat for you!


The original flavor….carrot pancakes. Flavorful and colorful; a treat for the palate!


Made for everyday consumption, not just for Fall.  Rich, intense flavor….just for you!


It’s red and intense with a unique flavor!  Just try it once, you’ll be surprised!

Natural Color. Healthier Eating.

Kickerfeast's colorful pancake & waffle mix produces delicious, vibrant creations! Fun, healthy eating for the whole family.